Monday, June 3, 2013


i just graduated and as a result i've decided to upgrade from tumblr to a different blogging platform to start blogging about my personal style not as an undergraduate student, but as a Real Adult learning how to take life seriously. now that i have to repay my student loans i am even poorer and even busier than before with no idea where my life will take me, but this is also a good time to experiment with presenting identity through personal style before my life has set into any particular routine which requires a uniform of one kind or another. i've also decided to share more of my thoughts on fashion and style and hopefully a better quality and consistency of personal style posts so i look forward to comments on how i can improve the layout and content of my new blog! after spending a bit of time blogging i've decided to speak out more about my political opinions relating to fashion, and maybe a bit more about my life as well since personal style and personality/lifestyle can't be taken separately. i don't want to be unrealistic.

recently i had a conversation with one of my professors about personal presentation in the scientific community. unlike most other professional settings, sloppy presentation is basically a standard in academia, and he warned me against doing 'whatever the hell i want' once i get to a certain level of education. apparently the worst thing one can do as a female scientist is look too invested in one's appearance. but i am also an artist, and the artist in me is invested in presenting an aesthetic that reflects my preferences and personality. my style has become such an important part of my identity that i feel a little bit disconnected from my sense of self when i go out in something that isn't 'me.' i hope my quest to make fashion work for my lifestyle rings true with the underrepresented masses of young women whose aesthetics don't correspond perfectly with their career aspirations.


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