Sunday, September 22, 2013


shorts, madison marcus via winners; crop top via winners; jacket, thrifted; shoes, gap; necklace, joe fresh.

as the last heat of summer slinks away and fall approaches, i'm taking every opportunity to bask in the sunlight and take advantage of the occasional good weather by wearing happy, summery clothes. here i'm wearing some shorts i got a while ago that haven't been featured in any of my outfit posts so far - they were a bit of an investment piece for me but they look so cool both low waisted and high-waisted and are so easy to wash and wear that i sucked up the unusually high price.  i love having a few blindingly bright pieces in my wardrobe for days when i get really bored of black and white. i paired it here with other warm sorbet colours for a really happy, summery look i won't be able to pull off for much longer. (as an aside, i may be able to come back to it next summer, as alberta ferretti put out a collection using a lot of these exact colours mixed together in the most perfect way. hopefully zara will pick up on it or something).

Saturday, September 21, 2013

metallic pastel

shorts, club monaco lingerie; tee, joe fresh; sweater, thrifted; boots, zara.

my take on fall colours

Friday, September 20, 2013

black white and sporty

jacket and skirt, joe fresh; top, buffalo via winners; necklace, zara; shoes, jeffrey campbell.

Monday, September 16, 2013

transitional layers


leather jacket, danier; skirt and top, joe fresh; sweater, united colors of benetton; shoes, aldo.

if you've been following my tumblr blog, you may have noticed that i've been wearing a lot of black and white and grey layers lately. this phase obviously isn't ending anytime soon, so here's another layered grey and white outfit for you. what i love about all these pieces (especially this white circle skirt and open-knit sweater) is that they go with everything and they're so easy to layer. this is a godsend right now, since the weather has been fluctuating from hot to cold like crazy and i'm never quite sure what i'm going to have to do when i leave the house in the morning. i really like the idea of the base layers of an outfit being white, even in the fall fashion context - it gives a dreamier, starker look than the all-black i normally go for. i also love the way these unusually shaped tops look when layered together, giving a sort of ombre effect in the back.

also, check out the necklace i got for my birthday from an independent jewelry stall in the old port! it's even adjustible in length.

Saturday, September 7, 2013

late summer luxe

silk pants, joe fresh; top, bag (bcbg) and sandals via winners; kimono (here as scarf) and choker, zara. revlon black cherry lipstick.

we went to SAT to celebrate my success at RCM flute/birthday very very late and it was a very hot, dry day, so i reverted to my usual summer staples of silk and lace and loose all over. i tied the kimono around my bag like a scarf while it was still hot, and then it was easy to put it on in the evening when it got cool. SAT's menu this month was balkan, perfect for eastern european me, and we had barszcz and some amazing rose, among other things. happy to be back! cheers.

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

the most beautiful place on earth - I

all photos not of me are by me - photos of me taken by my roommate as usual.

here's the first of several posts i'm making to share some of the photos i took while on my camping trip to pacific rim national park on vancouver island. the first set were taken on some of the more characteristically gloomy, misty days we were there.