Friday, June 7, 2013

morning light

since living spaces both influence and reflect the mood and aesthetic of their inhabitants, i recently started refurnishing and decorating my tiny studio to make it more liveable and inspiring. my favourite time of day to be at home is the morning, when the sunlight seeps directly through the windows for a short space of one or two hours. most of the decorations are collected from around the world and a lot of the furniture was found on the street or made from repurposed objects, much like my jewelry collection and my closet. i think style is best when it is personal, carefully curated and maybe a bit nostalgic. the emotion in clothing is such an important part of style that i tend to reject the idea of decor or fashion that is all purchased at the same time or in the same place. many of my outfits include old, gifted or borrowed garments which makes them hard to replicate exactly, but that is part of the joy of dressing just like it is part of the joy of decorating our homes.

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