Saturday, August 10, 2013

two ways to wear a lace skirt I - for fun

i wrote in my journal of lists recently that i should only buy things which are perfect, but i will be painfully honest: as i'm dealing with a body shape and size i'm unaccustomed to, i can't seem to find anything which is perfect. out of a sort of desperation to find at least one summer skirt i can wear following some health issues and subsequent weight gain, i finally caved and bought this not-quite-ideal skirt for $15 on sale at zara, despite its awkward midwaistedness and slightly unflattering silhouette. i was determined i would make it work with my wardrobe somehow, if only because i was just sick of wearing shorts every single day. therefore, for my own benefit more than for that of my readers, i present to you this series of posts about how to wear an awkwardly midwaisted, seafoam green lace-overlay miniskirt in the heat of summer. look and learn, friends.

i went to the word to buy some children's books for a toddler i know, and to indoctrinate her with a love of cats from the earliest possible age. for that occasion (we will call it 'fun') i wore the skirt with these natural leather lace-up sandals and cropped eyelet blouse for a sort of effortlessly girly casual look which, even for me, is a bit much. but i love going over the top with variations on the same texture or pattern, so here i decided to combine two different types of white embroidery and equally complicated-looking shoes and i think it's actually pretty charming.

stay tuned for the next lace skirt look(s) which will follow!

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