Monday, September 16, 2013

transitional layers


leather jacket, danier; skirt and top, joe fresh; sweater, united colors of benetton; shoes, aldo.

if you've been following my tumblr blog, you may have noticed that i've been wearing a lot of black and white and grey layers lately. this phase obviously isn't ending anytime soon, so here's another layered grey and white outfit for you. what i love about all these pieces (especially this white circle skirt and open-knit sweater) is that they go with everything and they're so easy to layer. this is a godsend right now, since the weather has been fluctuating from hot to cold like crazy and i'm never quite sure what i'm going to have to do when i leave the house in the morning. i really like the idea of the base layers of an outfit being white, even in the fall fashion context - it gives a dreamier, starker look than the all-black i normally go for. i also love the way these unusually shaped tops look when layered together, giving a sort of ombre effect in the back.

also, check out the necklace i got for my birthday from an independent jewelry stall in the old port! it's even adjustible in length.

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