Friday, August 2, 2013



cardigan shirt, mom's cast-off; shorts, diy'd sleep shorts from joe; jewelry various mysterious sources (i.e. gifts)

if you haven't noticed by now that i like wearing sheer white, this is your chance! it's such a blank slate colour and white allows me to experiment with different shapes and fabrics (see this knit and chiffon sweater with a shirt-collar) in a way that looks fresh and clean, without the distraction of colour and print (which i also love). when i wear all white i feel a lot more laid-back and relaxed in my style, but the most daring thing about this outfit is that i bleached these pyjama shorts from joe and now my underwear shows completely. that's ok though - i wore white underwear. with blue polka-dots. oh well.

on days when i'm not feeling particularly pretty it's comforting to wear some big, tough jewelry with the white, so hello again dog collar of all last winter's outfits! i actually originally bought it to wear with girly white outfits (inspired by some japanese streetstyle photos i can't find now). i'm never comfortable looking too sweet. 

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