Thursday, August 14, 2014

a life update


if anyone still follows this blog after my absence, i wanted to give you the courtesy of explaining what's going on and why i've been gone! i fully intend to get back into blogging here regularly come september, and i also have another project that i'm excited to start up with a friend which will hopefully be interesting. i've been gone because i've been struggling with some health issues and also had a lot of responsibilities this summer; seeing my family, a crisis with my friend, and a lot of work. but i've also gotten to work on getting clothes that fit my new body shape and i hope that with my health recovering i will be able to take regular outfit photos again, as well as post some more articles and photosets from vacations and events. i may feature some of my friends on the blog as well!

for now content yourself with this set of photos from my friend's (and photographer's) jazz show at a cool bar in montreal called resonance cafe, where i was allowed to guest perform on a song i love. not posting photos of the pianist in the duo, because no permission and we are not close friends, but i hope you enjoy my outfit and i hope to come back soon with more real content! happy summer!

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