Friday, August 15, 2014

blue brows

skirt pjk via winners (gift); silk tee via winners; sandals last year's zara; bag, danier; blue mascara, sephora

as far as beauty statements go, coloured brows are still considered pretty out there in the real world (i am in denial about this), but i find the look more striking and lower maintenance than many 'statement' makeup looks i just don't have the time or patience to attempt. this was the second day in a row wearing my electric blue sephora mascara on my brows and it had already faded a bit, but i still wanted to bring it out by pairing it with an equally violent shade of blue in my outfit. thus the unveiling of my favourite new tshirt, an example of a staple i am trying to collect more of - the silk crepe tee. i love that the colourblocking, hem and fabric make this more than just an ordinary tshirt, but the cut is so easy i don't need to worry about looking or feeling too fussy. same goes for this skirt, which is so much easier to wear than the average white skirt due to the butterfly print which hides all manner of stains and evils.

note on the hair ribbons: they're becoming a bit of a signature for me now because, taken by nostalgia, my mom suddenly remembered i used to wear ribbons in my hair during my childhood and started sending me tons of them. now i can coordinate them with all my outfits and make my ponytails look a little less sloppy.

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  1. Your whole outfit is adorable, I especially love the skirt. You're right about white skirts with patterns being good at hiding stains lol I love the hair ribbon and I especially love the eyebrows! I think they're stunning on you and totally unique!